Apple Inc. releases iMac for $1,099

Apple Inc. releases iMac for $1,099

A surprisingly quiet release by Apple Inc.

Just recently, the super tech giant, Apple Inc. has quietly launched a new low-end version of the iMac. This keeps educational institutions to save over $200 from the regular model.

Apple Inc. seems to release the newer version to avoid all fanfare of its low-end iMac. The company clarified though that this new gadget is only for educational institutions. It costs at $1,099, saving up to $200 from the price of the regular version of iMac.

It is still not confirmed though when Apple has launched the new low-end iMac for educational institution . . . → Read More: Apple Inc. releases iMac for $1,099

Verizon’s TestMan Site Displays Droid Bionic and LG Enlighten


Everybody is anxious waiting for the highly projected Motorola Droid Bionic to arrive at Verizon. The Droid Bionic will be the first dual-core LTE gadget of Verizon. It is projected to come at stores on September 8, the InfoManager system of Verizon said, even though Verizon has so far to confirm any date. The newest sign of a close release date came from the Droid Bionic showing up in Verizon’s TestMan site, which will often happen when a gadget is near release. The cost is unluckily too expensive for the ordinary man at $99,999.99 since this is not . . . → Read More: Verizon’s TestMan Site Displays Droid Bionic and LG Enlighten

Dell Streak 10 Pro Is Now Sold in China


The Steak Pro was nothing more than a fairly grainy leaked photo that was floating around the web. Today, the Steak 10 Pro is formally official and has landed in China for sale. The tablet is looking to offer the ability for pros to manage both part of their life with the business needs and the consumer home needs addressed in one tablet. The small tablet runs Android 3.1 Gingerbread and has a 10.1-inch screen.

The screen of the tablet has a 1280×800 resolution, is covered with Gorilla Glass, and supports 10-point multi touch. The tablet . . . → Read More: Dell Streak 10 Pro Is Now Sold in China