Apple Inc. releases iMac for $1,099

Apple Inc. releases iMac for $1,099

A surprisingly quiet release by Apple Inc.

Just recently, the super tech giant, Apple Inc. has quietly launched a new low-end version of the iMac. This keeps educational institutions to save over $200 from the regular model.

Apple Inc. seems to release the newer version to avoid all fanfare of its low-end iMac. The company clarified though that this new gadget is only for educational institutions. It costs at $1,099, saving up to $200 from the price of the regular version of iMac.

It is still not confirmed though when Apple has launched the new low-end iMac for educational institution . . . → Read More: Apple Inc. releases iMac for $1,099

New Search Abilities from Google

Google Search

Google is not sitting still, although it’s the undoubted leader in search. Different from email services or social networking locations, users do not have a huge deal invested in which search engine they utilize. As previous search leader Alta Vista discovered when Google strike the scene over a decade ago, users could and will control search engines if a good one come alongside.

Google convened journalists to the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco on Tuesday to attend “Inside Search” to study on how the company is innovating to continue or earlier than the contest, thus . . . → Read More: New Search Abilities from Google