Dropbox Acquires Mailbox

Dropbox Acquires Mailbox

Dropbox, the most popular cloud storage company is now moving to make their business get even more bigger. They are not just a company that sticks to the cloud and syncing business, they do have ambition and not just a small ambition, a very big ambition that wants to be in every internet users center of online needs or apps. To make this happen, the cloud storage company acquired the owner of the Mailbox app, Orchestra.

The question now is how much did it cost for the San Francisco-based company to acquire Orchestra? According to various . . . → Read More: Dropbox Acquires Mailbox

iPhone 5 sales with Cricket Wireless not impressive

iPhone 5 sales with Cricket Wireless not impressive

Cricket Wireless selling iPhone 5 seems not popular.

Sales of iPhone 5 with Cricket Wireless is not that high as it is expected by the carrier. The smartphone sales at $500, however there is no agreement involved for this.

iPhone 5 has raised high expectations when it comes to sales. But so far, Leap Wireless is not convinced by this. For now, a prediction of $100 million worth of unsold stock is presented come this summer. On a previous 10-SEC filing, the carrier is anticipated to sell about half of its expected devices.

In 2012, the carrier signed a pledge . . . → Read More: iPhone 5 sales with Cricket Wireless not impressive

Apple and Samsung still top leaders in the mobile market

Apple and Samsung still top leaders in the mobile market

The top two tech giants are on the headlines again.

Apple has cut down screen orders for its newest iPhone 5 due to weaker sales compared to its previous models, while its biggest competition, Samsung has sold about a hundred million units of its Galaxy S device, a sign that the two may be changing their lucks in the mobile industry.

Apple has nearly ordered about half of its order of the liquid-crystal display panels from its major suppliers. According to a Japanese newspaper, the tech giant has told its suppliers LG Display, Japan Display, and Sharp that it will . . . → Read More: Apple and Samsung still top leaders in the mobile market

New Replacement for New U.S. Supercomputer Project

Cray Inc.

The University of Illinois states Seattle-based Cray Inc. is going to take over development of the delayed $300 million Blue Waters supercomputer job, 3 months just after IBM brought out citing expense and technical issues.

Cray wants to get the computer online the coming year, maintaining the project, which happens to be being mainly paid for by the National Science Foundation, on target to complete in time.

“We clearly had to do it real quickly,” according toThom Dunning, the director of National Center for Supercomputing Applications. “NSF’s goal was to keep the project on . . . → Read More: New Replacement for New U.S. Supercomputer Project

Twitter Announces 100 Million Users

twitter users

From Twitter’s San Francisco Office, Dick Costolo said that more than half of 100 million users of the site log’s in every day. He also added that 40% of the users just read the tweets from their friends without tweeting themselves.

Twitter, the most popular microblogging social network boasts that it now generates more than 5 billion posts or popularly known as “tweets” each month, the site also gets 400 million unique visits each month and claims that half of the active users are using their mobile phones to tweet.

Illustrating Twitter’s growth, the . . . → Read More: Twitter Announces 100 Million Users

Skype Purchases GroupMe

As Skype waits for its $8.5 billion acquisition by Microsoft to go through, it is been indulging in a small shopping of its own.

Yesterday it was announced that it is to take over GroupMe, which gives a mobile group messaging service that can assist Skype competitor Google+’s Huddle feature, FacebookMessages or iMessage of Apple.

GroupMe was founded just last year, allows users to make conference calls and free text messages with different circles of friends or coworkers, from a single contact to a broadcast over Twitter of Facebook.

Its app is . . . → Read More: Skype Purchases GroupMe

Google Clarifies Sun Microsystems Partnership Rejection


The lawyer of Google stated that in 2006 Google refused to sign a US$100 million contract with Sun Microsystems as payment in royalties to use Java in building then new operating system, Android, before Oracle got the bankrupt company with the programming language’s patents and copyrights.

Robert Van Nest, Google attorney, clarified the accusations concerning the search giant’s US$100 million proposal in 2006 to join forces with Sun Microsystems, informing that the agreement was for a tech partnership to build Android together, not presently for Java copyright licensing.

For the moment, a court decided . . . → Read More: Google Clarifies Sun Microsystems Partnership Rejection