Meet the Staff


Jan Paul Ronaldo R. Manching
He is the editor and founder of this blog. He has written in his high school and college papers and magazines as well as local news papers.

Dora S. Tutor
Dora is a graduate of Ateneo de Manila. She is a blogger, started writing years ago in various school papers and is actually enjoying this passion.

Imee Celine T. Lenoir
An editor of school papers since her college years. She is a private school teacher and an owner of a tech blog.

Duzzel M. Torres
An IT professor and a gadget collector. He likes writing reviews of every the gadgets he acquires.

Jane U. Gracielo
A former local newspaper “Periodica” writer and editor. Stopped writing in the newspaper and started working online as an editor of

Feng Sue R. Ling
A Filipino-Chinese tech blogger. She works online and blogs about phones.


Writers and Contributors:

Jharma J. Mulchandani
Graduated from the University of Immaculate Conception and works as an English teacher. Writing is her passion for years and is now enjoying a work-at-home professional.

Maejoy T. Lebria
Graduated from University of the Philippines and was once an Art teacher. She started writing a few months ago and currently enjoying this business.

Pogs S. Ortiz
A gadget collector and a humble geek. He is a programmer and technician, he graduated from University of Southeastern Philippines.

Maria Joyce M. Cabilao
An owner of a health blog but also a techie. She enjoys writing about the new gadgets and reviewing them.

Harvie P. Adelina
He was almost kicked out of college because of gaming. He is good in writing about games and gained a position in Weeble.

Antonnete L. Teresita
A contributor of various blogs. Though she writes various of stuff, the quality of each article is still outstanding.



Wilson A. Jojo
He as an IT consultant before and a programmer. He also enjoys playing with codes and designing layouts of blogs and sites.

Irish D. Einmyria
A PHP programmer and the best when it comes to scripts.

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